PT.Asian Welding Specialist

Our Mission

"To advance Indonesian youth in vocational welding training and welders who aspire to become 'real' AWS Certified Welder, while providing technical welding engineering solutions, while providing technical welding engineering solutions, welding quality, productivity, and educational seminars for advancing the Science, Technology, and Application of Materials Joining."

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Why focus on youth?

1. Youth unemployment ages 15-24 is a serious problem in indonesia. According to study conducted on skilled labour within five South East Asian countries released by JP Morgan and Singapore Management University(SMU).

2. Indonesia faces the most severe youth unemployment problem with up to 20% of the country’s youth not being able to find a job, a level that is close the the crisis the hit Eurozone and is currently the highest among the countries surveyed in the report, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Why Focus on SMK's ?

Indonesia needs to produce 3.8 milion skilled workers annually to meet its target of becoming the seventh largest economy by 2030.

Indonesia must be aggressive in the pursuit of fully integrating and harmonization of welder training while improving the welding instructor qualifications and improvement of the curriculum. Focus on 15-18 years of age at SMK’s high-school level.

The AWS SENSE program began in the mid nineties with a grant from the United States Depatment of Education & Labour to develop a series of voluntary standards to promote consistency and quality in welding education on a national basis in the U.S.