Monday (10/15/2018) SMK Negeri 2 Bandung officially has a new leader and co-leader Chairperson of Student Council for the period 2018-2019, located in the local school grounds, has been announced before all students regarding the results of the previous voting for the leader and co-leader, through the process of electing the leader of the Student Council (Pilkos) which was carried out democratically on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 ago through direct election by all students of class X – XII and who were elected as Student Council leader namely Farhan Budiman (XI TGM 1) and Muhammad Naufal (XI RPL 1) beat 4 other candidates.

The elected leader and co-leader of the Student Council were given the mandate by the school, and all students to carry out the task of running the organization in which programs were in line with the Farhan school program and Naufal promised to carry out the duties as leader and co-leader of the student council as much as possible with the ability to refer to the program and the applicable provisions with responsibilities.