SMK Negeri 2 Bandung won first place in a competition held at Widyatama University Bandung. Because the class XII students were very nervous when participating in the competition held by one of the departments at Widyatama University. According to the committee, they held a competition divided into 3 categories, Programming, Networking, and Web Design.

From the three categories, the team of SMK Negeri 2 Bandung joined the Web Design category. Out of the 30 more teams, the team of SMK Negeri 2 Bandung can enter the top 10 who is selected to take part in the final round on Friday 2 March 2018. “This is the first time we have participated in a competition for approximately 3 years, this makes us feel proud, I am proud because I can take part in a competition, and it really makes us nervous because this is the first time we have participated in the competition,” said Iqbal, Fatur, and Anom, team from SMK Negeri 2 Bandung.

The Web Design Team from SMK Negeri 2 Bandung, which was the first time participating in the competition, did not expect that they would be champions, because there were so many teams who had been champions in the past. But with the confidence that arose from the SMK Negeri 2 Bandung team, they believed that they can give the best for school.

That was what they were referring to that they can, if they are always facilitated to take part in competitions at other events. In addition to this positive activity, students of SMK Negeri 2 Bandung will continue to learn, develop, especially in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

The principal of SMK Negeri 2 Bandung Mr. Drs. Tatang Gunawan, M.M.Pd also appreciated the results of the students. With these results, students are expected to always work to be the best, because SMK Negeri 2 Bandung is the Champion. Thank you also to the coach, the teachers, who always supports so that students always learn to be better.