The strengthening of literacy in SMKN 2 Bandung is currently a major concern for all students. This is indicated by the support provided in the form of books. The books are managed through the library of SMKN 2 Bandung, which is named Literacy Corner.

The Literacy Corner event was officially inaugurated by the Principal of SMKN 2 Bandung. “The interest of students and teachers is high with the existence of the Literacy Corner. Through the Literacy Corner, it is expected to increase students’ reading interest in general,” he said.


In addition, on the same day, there was a selection of Literacy Ambassadors that achieved by SMKN 2 Bandung’s student, Siti Rodiah (XI RPL 1). The Literacy Ambassador was chosen to be able to spread the spirit of literacy towards all students with the hope that students would be more fond of reading. After being chosen as the Literacy Ambassador, Siti Rodiah took the idea that there would be a socialization to all students and teachers as well as launch several programs so that the title of Literacy Ambassador entrusted to her would be carried out well and structured.

In addition to the Literacy Corner, SMKN 2 Bandung continues to develop many reading culture programs, such as reading book reviews, book donation, literacy trees and so on. “We always continue to improve the reading culture, for the progress of the school. Students and teachers must be accustomed to read and bring books through the Literacy Corner,” said the Principal of SMKN 2 Bandung.