SMKN 2 Bandung held a Language Month Event which included several competitions such as poetry reading, book reviews, literacy trees, and challenge poster in order to enliven the Language and Literature Month in October 2018. The event was held on Tuesday, October 23 and Monday, October 29 in 2018 as the peak of the event to commemorate Youth Pledge Day.

According to Mrs. Tini as the supervisor of SMKN 2 Bandung, this event is not only to commemorate Youth Pledge Day but also to improve students’ talents. Students and teachers are also expected to improve their skills in language and literature.
“This is why the competitions held is related to language and literature. Hopefully, through this event, especially for SMKN 2 Bandung, it can increase students’ interest in reading and actualizing their attention towards Indonesian language and literature,” she said in the opening of Language Month Event.

She also said that the event is a form of support to the government on GLS (Gerakan Literasi Sekolah) or School Literacy Movement to be important and contextually applied as the swift flow of information today. She hopes that students, as well as teachers, can equip themselves with literary intelligence in various aspects.

This event was supported by the Principal of SMKN 2 Bandung and also by the enthusiastic of language teachers in particular and students. This event also was the second time of SMKN 2 Bandung in holding a Language Month event internally, and hopefully, in the future SMKN 2 Bandung can invite other schools to participate in this event.