SMK Negeri 2 Bandung had achieved its achievement back in several competitions in Week 42 of the year 2018 and proved to be able to gain a lot of trophies from several fields of competition:
3rd winner of LKS Bid. Welding 2018, West Java level
1st winner of ITENAS CUP Futsal Competition
3rd winner of JUMBARA III in WIRA Category (PMR of SMKN 2 Bandung)
1st and 3rd winner of PENCAK SILAT in Tanding categories in the JAKARTA CHAMPIONSHIP event

This winning tradition, according to the Principal of SMKN 2 Bandung is not only the seriousness of the students in practice, but also the perseverance of the mentoring teachers in guiding their students to advance to various of championships to be a trigger of the great results.

He always encourages the students and teachers to show the best for themselves, the school and also the society. Whatever the achievements are made will get recognition from all circles, so that become the best is the answer.
“We give rewards to both students and mentoring teachers, as a driving force in achieving achievements,” he said. No wonder that every day, the school is always crowded by the students’ activities in order to achieve high achievements. Various extracurricular activities always be held until the afternoon. The school even is also crowded by the extracurricular activities in the weekend.