Friday, 4th May 2018, along with a visit from Malaysia, SMKN 2 Bandung received a visit from PT. Karimun Sembawang Shipyard (PT. KSS), a company which focuses on ship building with more than 20 years’ experience located in Kepulauan Karimun. Riau, Indonesia. This visit was carried out on cooperation between SMKN 2 Bandung and PT. Asian Welding Specialist (PT.AWS).

During this visit, PT.KSS also gave donation of welding power source and consumables worth 20, 000.00 Singapore dollars. It was symbolically handed over directly by the President Director of PT. KSS – Mr. Lim Wei Tat, General Deputy of PT. KSS – Mr. Kiw Chee Siam and Human Resource Manager- Mr. Eka Santoso to the Principal of SMKN 2 Bandung-Drs. Tatang Gunawan, M. MPd. and witnessed by Dina Septriana – Director of PT. AWS and Steven T. Snyder -AWS-SCWI and Test Supervisor of PT. AWS-along with the teachers and students of SMKN 2 Bandung.

On the same day, PT. KSS recruited (5) students of SMKN 2 who are students from the first class of AWS SENSE Pilot program 2017-2018 with guidance PT. AWS and signed a contract with PT. KSS in meeting room of SMKN 2 Bandung. SMKN 2 Bandung should be grateful and proud since AWS SENSE graduates can work directly upon graduation.

Hopefully, this cooperation can be a motivation for other students and juniors to gain more achievements and to have a high learning motivation, and can continue to another chance, said Principal- Drs. Tatang Gunawan. Thank you to PT. KSS for the donation and the recruitment and to PT. AWS for the cooperation.

“Welding Engineering Alumni of SMKN 2 Bandung work at PT. Karimun Sembawang Shipyard (PT. KSS) Singapore, a result of cooperation between SMKN 2 Bandung and PT. Asian Welding Specialist (PT. AWS) takes a photo with Mr. Steven T. Snyder.”

“Trisna (SMKN 2 Bandung’s graduate) got an award on his hard work in PT. Karimun Sembawang Shipyard”